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by Capt. Lanny Phillips - USCG Licensed/TPWD Certified Captain

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Let's Go Catch And Bag You Some Memories



Hello To Everyone!
This March Article is going to be fun to write simply because I'll be writing about things I love...not only

my Family, but Fishing, Hunting, and combining all the above. With that being said, lets begin!


I have been fishing practically my entire life. Ever since I was old enough to hold a fishing pole my Dad took me to the Devil's River, the Rio Grand River, and Lake Guerrero in Mexico. My brothers would take me quail, dove, and duck hunting until I was old enough to take myself. All great experiences and memories I'll will never forget, nor could money buy...Priceless! I would strongly urge parents, brothers, and sisters to take your siblings on trips to the outdoors. Teach them how to hunt and fish. Teach them the respect of the animals that God has provided us and not to abuse that privilege. How does the saying go? "Take a man fishing and he'll catch a fish. Teach and man how to fish and he'll never go hungry". My Grandfather use to tell us that if we would study what, where, and why the birds, the animals, and the reptiles do what they do we would not have to wonder what the forecast would be for tomorrow, or how harsh a winter we will have. There's a lot of truth in that and with no offense intended to any meteorologists, or anyone else. I was, also, taught to be prepared and that was not just to include a fishing pole, or a rifle, but everything else in between...the essentials. You would be surprised how... or maybe not...how fast the weather on the coast can change. Be prepared! If you have not read the section of our website that refers to "what to bring", then feel free to ask me. I will be glad to explain what you will need whether we are Fishing, or Hunting. Also, for those who may wonder, if it is lightning far off and it's getting closer, too close, we are going in...period! There is not a Red Fish, a Speckled Trout, or a Duck worth getting hurt over.



Now I'm going to divide the rest of this Article into four different subjects. I want to discuss in length the Fishing Season, the Airboat Ride with a Picnic anytime Season, Duck Hunting & the Cast and Blast Season!

The Fishing Season could start for you as late as November/ December for big sow Trout, or as early as January/February when the Sheepshead run by the millions through the Ship Channel, the Packery Channel, the Shrimp Boat Channel, etc. You can find these fish most anywhere there is deep water and a lot of current. It is not that unusual to also catch big Bull Reds at the same time mixed in with the Sheepshead. You will need a lot of 4 to 5 aught hooks, a lot of 2 ounce barrel weights, 15 to 20 pound Trilene Big Game fishing line, and a lot of live shrimp, or just contact me, and book a trip. Then when we go fishing, just hold on because once they hit they are big time fighters! We are now going to transition into Spring where everything seems to be, and is, changing. It is a beautiful time of the year. Usually not too cold, nor too hot, but obviously, one thing you need to be aware of is the wind and the different, sometimes drastic, weather changes. For instance, wind going from a forecasted 10-15 mph to what was not forecasted 35-40 mph wind with gust and drastic temperature changes. At that time we would probably be headed to the dock...,or already at the marina having a cup of coffee, but "Remember, Be Prepared"...have warm jackets and/or slickers. Also, you might consider it's March and Spring Break Time, with wall to wall people, the Restaurant's are full, and sometimes the Hotels are full. BUT, BUT, BUT, I have a solution to get away from the chaos.


Let me take you in our Airboat, (a photo of our boat accompanies this Article), and you have the option of several packages: 1.) strictly a ride through the back lakes. 2.) a ride through the lakes and stopping for a picnic. 3.) a wade fishing trip from the Airboat. 4.) Or a culmination of any/or all of the above. The "Biggy" here is even with all the people that are here during this time we can get in the back lakes where only a Kayak, or an Airboat can get to. Sweeeet!!! As we progress through the next few months there is a saying "March wind, April showers, May flowers". That is a fact! The weather will began to be more predictable and the fishing as well. Good stringers of Reds are caught especially in April/May and Trout are beginning to show in numbers.



The question someone might asked could be, "When is a good time to come and catch Reds and Trout"?

My answer is...look for the Croakers showing up at the bait stands and you will know the Trout are right behind them. Reds will be caught on croakers as well, but especially on live shrimp and live mullet. If you have any questions please contact me. Summer is now at the door step, school is out , or almost out, and dates are being booked up fast and in a hurry...if they have not already been booked. The kids and the Family are ready to get out of town and go to the beach, etc. Again, if you can go fishing during the week...GO!!! It is less congested. Onto the Fall and what I call "The Prime Time Red Fishing Time" I believe September through ThanksGiving, depending on the weather, is the best time to catch limits of the "spotted tails". During this season the Reds are beginning to school in large numbers for their annual "run" to the Gulf. Winter is also approaching and all creatures including Reds are beginning to brace for the cold sometimes with ferocious appetites to sustain them when food is not so plentiful. What a great time to be on the water casting baits into these hungry schools of predators. Piggies have been at the Bait Stand for quite some time now and for me usually the bait of choice. We have arrived into Duck Season beginning in September and ending in January. The most asked question about this season is, "when are the ducks usually arriving in numbers at the coastal area"? The answer is watch for cold fronts up north that are substantial systems with snow and ice. The colder these systems are the more thousands of ducks migrate to our coast line. Contact us for a Guided Airboat Duck Hunt, or a "Airboat Cast and Blast Trip"...hunt in the morning and fish the rest of day. However, or whatever you decide, please contact us and we'll work out the details. I hope you have enjoyed this March Article as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


Please contact us and "lets go catch and bag you some memories".


Capt. Lanny Phillips - USCG Licensed/TPWD Certified Captain

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